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JKCEurope | Our company
JKCEurope | Our company
JKC Europe , JKC Sewing, Industrial Lifting bags, Shop fitting, Construction, Build a industrial lifting bag, Awnings repair, Caravan awnings repair
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About Us

At JKC Europe Ltd, we believe in quality, efficiency and great service. From small beginnings, JKC has now expanded to construction, manufacturing and sewing services. This is all thanks to the continued support of our clients from all sectors and the right experience and attitude from the owners.


JKC Europe Ltd was opened in 2008 by Jonas and Kristina. They initially started with only a shop fitting business and never thought their company would grow and split into three parts – JKC Building, JKC Industrial Lifting Bags and JKC Sewing.


Our Founders


Jonas has had over 20 years of experience in shopfitting,building construction and people management. He is known by all to have a can do attitude, overcoming each hurdle that comes his way with strong resolve and no hesitation. He ensures that his sub-contractors have all been trained extensively to maintain efficiency without compromising on quality. Starting off as a joiner himself, Jonas is fully familiar with both on site and behind the scenes operations. To this day Jonas still likes to get in dirty with work and often works alongside his men on major projects.


Kristina has had over 20 years of experience as a seamstress. Before she started Industrial Lifting Bags, she was a designer seamstress in London. Why the massive change in direction? Jonas and Kristina noticed that there was a demand for load-rated bags on construction site, especially scaffolders who need to carry heavy kit to height. With this in mind, they thoroughly researched these bags and found it extremely popular within the renewable energy industry. With her existing expertise, this was a brilliant opportunity to put her experience to good use and to put high quality, made in UK products on the market.


Our Mission


We are a family business that is confident in our skills and products and will always strive to provide friendly and speedy service. Whether you come to us for man power, lifting bags or sewing services, you can be assured that your experience will be fast, easy with the same first class quality every time.